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Here at Health Choices Global we are committed to supporting Healthcare organisations to provide business continuity and patient care. Our specialist teams invest the time and effort to fully understand your business, your employees and your ethos. We’re passionate about providing impeccable patient care through the placement of highly qualified healthcare professionals, when your business needs it. 

Our teams work with you to provide a Bespoke Recruitment Process that caters for the exact situation and expertise requirement.

7 Building Blocks for our Service

  • Identify the hiring needs
  • Prepare job descriptions
  • Devise recruitment strategy
  • Screen and shortlist candidates
  • Conduct interviews
  • Evaluate and make the offer
  • Onboard the new employee

You can determine your hiring needs by checking:

  • Any gaps in performance, skills or proficiencies that you need to fill
  • A sudden increase in workload that your team cannot seem to handle
  • Any employees who will be leaving the company soon

We help take you through a thorough diligence process so that there is a exact specification of your requirements that meet your organisational needs. 

About Our Services: 

Ensuring a safe environment for employees

Businesses continue to get back to work safely, as working environments need to change to protect their employees. We will help your business maintain the safety and wellbeing of your staff during the coronavirus pandemic and into the future.

We take our guidance from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 


Temporary staffing solutions

Our service suits all healthcare organisations including Care Home Groups, NHS trusts, private hospitals and local authorities. By attracting and developing the best talent and expertise in the market, we enable our clients to deliver outstanding compassionate care. Our responsive and reliable consultants, all experts in their field, have access to thousands of candidates. This combination of expertise and resources means we excel in recruiting to shortage areas, sourcing niche specialists and providing staffing solutions specific to our client’s individual needs.

Benefits of our Service: 

  • Tools and Expertise
  • Faster Results
  • Less Stress
  • Standards
  • Full referencing and diligence mirroring your internal vetting processes. 

We take guidance from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

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Permanent recruitment

Expert permanent recruitment services at your fingertips, customised to your wants and needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best professionals for Care Home Groups NHS and private healthcare organisations. Whether it’s a single role or a large cohort of staff, let our team of recruitment experts take the hassle out of recruiting permanent members of staff.

Benefits of our Service: 

  • Ability to Judge Potential Candidates
  • Access to Top Talent
  • More Choices
  • Partner With a Staffing Agency You Can Trust
  • Access to Overseas healthcare professionals

We take guidance from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

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Psychological Therapies

We will support you with finding a role to work with adults, children, older adults or those with learning disabilities/autism. With an extensive range of vacancies, you can choose from numerous settings including IAPT, CAMHS, rehabilitation units, forensic services, schools, looked after children providers, local authorities and addiction services.

We supply the NHS, Local Authorities, Social Services, Charities, Care Home Groups and the Private Sector with suitably qualified and vetted staff.

We are suitably qualified to fully understand your needs and requirements to enable us to make the right introduction quickly.

As part of our recruitment process, we take two references from the last two employers or placements, gain occupational health declarations, check current DBS/CRB status and check professional registrations and qualifications on all applicants.

By fully understanding your needs and requirements and are offer an excellent solution whether you are looking for a Locum, Interim, or Permanent Employee.


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