Degenerative Conditions

In addressing neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's, ORO Mental Health offers comprehensive support to individuals and families facing the challenges of these progressive conditions. Our services encompass memory clinics, psychological support for individuals, and education for families and caregivers. Upholding strict confidentiality and GDPR guidelines, we provide remote assistance, seamlessly integrating with other healthcare entities.

Our approach involves close collaboration from assessment to treatment, focusing on tailored plans and continuous updates. We empower individuals to live fulfilling lives by addressing symptoms, preventing control over their lives, and fostering personal growth. Our experienced mental health support team offers remote appointments seven days a week, with flexible payment plans. ORO Mental Health, under the mission of Health Choices Global, commits to transforming lives through a customized and professional approach, prioritizing privacy and trust. Our team members, affiliated with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, exemplify our dedication to reliable support. Choose ORO Mental Health for a healthier future, where your unique needs take center stage.

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