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At ORO Mental Health, we specialize in providing tailored mental health services to schools, offering the option to have a dedicated Clinical Psychologist stationed on-site. Our flexible half-day and full-day options at fixed prices allow schools to benefit from the expertise of a Psychologist in various essential areas, including:

Mental Health Assessments: Conducting thorough assessments of mental health, risk, and behavioral issues among students.

    Treatment for Mental Health Problems: Providing personalized treatment and support for students facing mental health challenges.

    Workshops for Specific Groups: Delivering workshops tailored for specific groups, such as those focusing on autistic boys/girls, general mental health support, and exam anxiety management.

    Consultation with Teaching Staff: Offering consultation services to teaching staff on effectively managing challenging students and fostering a positive learning environment.
      Training Programs: Providing training on a range of subjects, with options to choose from our existing list or develop customized programs to meet the school's specific requirements.

      Having a Clinical Psychologist on-site eliminates the challenges associated with external referrals, including lengthy waiting lists and strict access criteria. This approach ensures timely and accessible support for students within the school environment.

      Benefits of On-Site Clinical Psychologist:

      Reduced Sick Days: The presence of a Psychologist can contribute to a healthier and more supportive school environment, potentially reducing sick days among students.

      Improved Engagement: Students may experience increased engagement in class as they receive on-site support for their mental health needs.

      Supportive Student Community: The Psychologist's presence fosters a more supportive student community, encouraging open discussions about mental health.

      Expert Guidance for Teachers: Teachers benefit from expert guidance on addressing challenging issues, promoting a positive and proactive approach to mental health.

      Positive Attitude Towards Mental Health: The on-site Psychologist promotes a positive attitude towards mental health, contributing to a holistic approach to well-being.

      Exploring Our School Services: If you're a teacher interested in discovering how ORO Mental Health's Children and Young People Services can support your school, we invite you to arrange a discussion to understand your specific needs. We can then tailor a package designed explicitly for your school.



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