Mental Health Training for Healthcare and Public Sector Workforce

At ORO Mental Health, we offer an extensive array of specialized training courses designed to address the complexities of the mental health field. Whether you are new to the subject or seeking in-depth knowledge, our courses cater to a diverse range of needs. Investing in staff training with ORO Mental Health provides a multitude of benefits:

  1. Retain Valuable Skills: Reduce staff turnover by fostering continuous skill development.
  2. Decrease Sickness Absence: Promote mental well-being to minimize absenteeism.
  3. Mitigate Presenteeism: Create a supportive environment to address presenteeism challenges.
  4. Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility: Showcase a commitment to social responsibility through mental health initiatives.
  5. Minimize Likelihood of Grievances: Address employee concerns to reduce the risk of grievances and discrimination claims.
  6. Foster a Healthier Workplace: Cultivate a work environment that prioritizes mental health and well-being.
  7. Boost Staff Morale: Enhance overall morale by investing in the mental health of your team.
  8. Increase Engagement and Commitment: Engage employees with tailored training that aligns with organizational goals.
  9. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Equip staff with the skills to provide outstanding customer service.
  10. Ensure Compliance with Legislation: Stay informed about relevant laws and regulations to ensure legal compliance.

Our Courses:

  1. Acquired Brain Injury: Tailored for healthcare professionals working with individuals affected by brain injuries.
  2. Ageing & Learning Disabilities: Beneficial for those in residential care and support settings.
  3. Alzheimer's Disease Awareness: Provides care strategies for individuals with Alzheimer's.
  4. Anxiety Management & Agoraphobia: Offers techniques to effectively manage anxiety.
  5. Appropriate Adult Training: Understand the role and principles of being an appropriate adult.
  6. Attention Deficiency & Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness: Builds skills in working with individuals with ADHD.
  7. Autism Awareness: Enhances understanding of autism and caring for individuals with autism.
  8. Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Differentiates behaviors arising from personality/life experience and those due to the disorder.
  9. Bipolar Disorder Awareness: Explores the fundamentals and management of bipolar disorder.
  10. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Awareness (CBT): Introduces basic applications of CBT in practice.
  11. Conflict Management: Develops conflict resolution skills for challenging behavior.
  12. Dementia Advanced: Recognizes signs of dementia and provides appropriate care.
  13. Dementia Awareness: Assists care workers in understanding and supporting individuals with dementia.
  14. Huntington's Disease Awareness: Helps care workers understand and support individuals with Huntington's disease.
  15. Introduction to Learning Disabilities: Explores causes and treatment options for individuals with learning disabilities.
  16. Introduction to Sexuality & Learning Disabilities: Focuses on supporting individuals with learning disabilities in matters of sexuality.
  17. Ligature Awareness: Trains in safe and effective techniques for rescuing individuals from ligature situations.
  18. Makaton Foundation: Equips those working with individuals with severe learning disabilities with communication skills.
  19. Managing Challenging Behaviour: Emphasizes positive relationship development when working with challenging behavior.
  20. Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards: Provides tools and skills for working with individuals with mental health difficulties.
  21. Mental Capacity Act for Managers & Supervisors: Enhances understanding of mental capacity issues and relevant legislation.
  22. Mental Health Advanced: Addresses the impact and prevalence of mental health in the workplace.
  23. Mental Health Awareness: Promotes understanding of mental health and dispels myths.
  24. Mental Health First Aid: Equips healthcare professionals to recognize signs of mental health problems and provide support.
  25. Parkinson's Disease Awareness: Focuses on care strategies for individuals living with Parkinson's.
  26. Personality Disorder: Dispels myths associated with personality disorder and paranoia.
  27. Positive Behaviour Management: Emphasizes preserving empathic relationships when managing challenging behavior.
  28. Positive Behaviour Management & Breakaway: Focuses on preserving empathic relationships and managing challenging behavior.
  29. Prader-Willi Syndrome: Provides insights into eating disorders and genetic disorders associated with Prader-Willi Syndrome.
  30. Self-Harm & Suicide Awareness: Raises awareness and understanding of self-harm and suicide.
  31. Self-Harm & Wound Management: Informs healthcare professionals about effective wound care protocols related to self-harm.
  32. Stroke Awareness: Covers risk factors, symptoms, effects, and care for stroke survivors.
  33. Substance Misuse: Explores the impact of substance misuse on daily life and psychological effects.
  34. Understanding & Working with Attachment Disorder: Examines different types of attachment disorders and their effects on development and behavior.

At ORO Mental Health, we are committed to tailoring our training programs to meet the specific needs of your workforce and patients. Contact us to discuss how we can create a customized training program for you.


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