Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

ORO Mental Health, a trading name for Health Choices Global Limited, acknowledges the responsibility all businesses bear in preventing slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to taking all necessary measures to prevent such practices within our business and across our supply chains.

Modern slavery manifests in various forms, including people trafficking, forced labor, servitude, and slavery. As recruitment specialists, we prioritize our duty to supply staff responsibly, recognizing the potential threat from traffickers and unlicensed gangmasters. Our robust candidate engagement processes ensure our employees are vigilant to signs of exploitation, enabling us to take prompt and effective action if identified.

This statement focuses on ORO Mental Health's compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, outlining the steps taken to ensure no slavery or human trafficking occurs within the organization or its supply chains. Our reputation for integrity and fairness is a crucial asset, essential for continued success in the market.

Organization’s Structure

ORO Mental Health's mission is to be the preferred partner for health, life sciences, and social care professionals and providers globally. Operating through specialized staffing, workforce management solutions, training, and health and social care services, we emphasize the centrality of people in all our endeavors.

Our commitment to preventing slavery and human trafficking is unwavering. We will not tolerate such practices in our business or supply chain, ensuring ethical conduct, integrity, and the enforcement of effective systems and controls.

Our Supply Chains

Our supply chains involve candidate sourcing for clients, sometimes through external agencies. We expect high ethical standards from our suppliers, outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We require suppliers to uphold human rights, operate ethically, and extend similar standards to their supply chains.

Policies Including on Slavery and Human Trafficking

Our Supplier Code of Conduct explicitly references the Modern Slavery Act 2015, emphasizing the importance of human rights. We demand that suppliers treat employees fairly, uphold non-discrimination principles, and comply with all relevant laws and industry standards related to wages, benefits, working hours, and minimum age.

Due Diligence Process for Slavery and Human Trafficking

ORO Mental Health conducts strict compliance checks on all supplied candidates, verifying identity and right-to-work before placement. We have established due diligence processes to ensure supply chain compliance with legislative obligations, forming an integral part of supplier contracts.


All ORO Mental Health staff must comply with laws and act with integrity. Modern slavery training is mandatory for all employees, fostering awareness and vigilance against human trafficking, forced labor, servitude, and slavery.


Responsibility for anti-slavery initiatives lies with the Senior Leadership Team, overseeing policy management, investigations, due diligence, whistleblowing, and training.

Relevant Policies

Policies supporting the identification and management of modern slavery and human trafficking include whistleblowing policies, equality and diversity policies, corporate responsibility policies, complaints policies, safeguarding policies, and recruitment and selection policies.

Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators include continuous policy and procedure reviews, robust recruitment procedures, confirmation of right-to-work status, appropriate clearances, employee training, and mandatory modern slavery training.

ORO Mental Health, operating under the name Health Choices Global Limited, affirms its commitment to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking.

Approved by the Senior Leadership of ORO Mental Health on 15 July 2021

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