Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

At ORO Mental Health, our mission is to deliver inclusive mental health services to individuals and families. Our team comprises highly qualified psychologists and psychiatrists with extensive training, ready to tackle a diverse range of mental health challenges. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each person, including children, adolescents, and entire families.

Specialized Assessments for Children and Adolescents: Understanding the specific challenges faced by young individuals, we offer specialized assessments and interventions. Our child psychiatric and clinical psychology assessments focus on conditions like ADHD and ASD. Using evidence-based tools, our experienced team gains a deep understanding of a child's strengths, challenges, and unique characteristics associated with these conditions.

Expertise in Addressing Various Mental Health Difficulties: Our professionals are adept at addressing a spectrum of mental health difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, anger/aggressive behavior, sleep issues, grief, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, attachment problems, and relationship issues. We provide personalized guidance, therapy, and coping strategies to navigate these challenges and enhance overall well-being.

Holistic Approach with Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessments: In addition to psychology, we offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments for complex conditions requiring medical diagnosis and potential medication management. Our expert psychiatrists can diagnose and prescribe medication when necessary, ensuring an integrated approach to care. Collaboration between our psychology and psychiatry teams enhances communication and coordination for optimal outcomes.

Personalized Care Tailored to Unique Needs: Recognizing that distress manifests in various ways, our professionals work closely with clients and families during the initial assessment to understand their unique experiences and distress comprehensively. Treatment options are tailored to individual needs, ensuring personalized care and support.

Specialized Support for Neurodevelopmental Conditions: Our Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services focus on supporting young individuals with conditions like autism and ADHD. Specialized psychological support and therapy are designed to address the unique needs of children and adolescents, helping them navigate challenges associated with these conditions.

At ORO Mental Health, we are dedicated to setting the highest standard of care. Our collaborative team of psychologists and psychiatrists combines expertise to offer comprehensive support, addressing mental health concerns and promoting overall well-being. We strive to create a nurturing environment where individuals can overcome challenges, thrive, and lead fulfilling lives.

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