Terms of Service

Terms of Service - Health Choices Global Limited Trading as ORO Mental Health

Last Updated: July 2022

Protecting Your Privacy

Health Choices Global Limited, trading as ORO Mental Health ("us", "we", or "our"), is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy concerning your personal information. The following privacy policies elucidate your rights and how Health Choices Global collects, utilizes, and secures your data. For inquiries about how we handle your data, please contact us via our website or refer to our privacy policy.

Service User Responsibilities Before Attending an Appointment with Health Choices Global Limited Trading as ORO Mental Health

By scheduling an appointment with Health Choices Global Limited, trading as ORO Mental Health, you agree to the following:

  1. Complete a Patient Registration form before your appointment, and timely return it to us. Failure to provide this information in full may hinder your appointment.
  2. Include details of your insurer, membership number, and any authorization codes in the patient registration form if claiming on your behalf.
  3. Fulfill payment and cancellation policies as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

All fees are available for viewing on our website.

Health Choices Global Limited Services, Fees, and Cancellation Policy

3.1 Payment Terms

All appointments and services are chargeable, and payment is required in full by the patient on or before the appointment day. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure timely and up-to-date payments. Outstanding balances not settled within 30 days may be referred to a collection agency.

3.2 Paying by Card and our Automatic Payment Collection Service

  • Initial Consultations: A minimum deposit of 50% is required to secure the appointment, with the remaining fee due on or before the day of the appointment.
  • Health Choices Global will process payments automatically through Stripe after each appointment. Opting out requires contacting us before the appointment.

3.3 Paying by Bank Transfer

Full payment by bank transfer is required in advance to secure the booking.

3.4 Insurance Cover

  • Health Choices Global will claim costs from your insurer for initial consultations if covered. The patient is responsible for any excess and keeping details up-to-date.
  • For follow-up and additional appointments, patients must know approved sessions, update insurance details, and cover shortfalls.

Cancellation Policy

A 48-hour cancellation policy applies. Late cancellations (less than 48 hours) and no-shows are subject to full charges. Appointments made within 48 hours are non-refundable.

4.1 Late Policy

Patients must inform Health Choices Global of delays. Late arrivals without prior agreement may result in rescheduling and no refund of pre-payment.

4.2 Failure to Attend

Missing an appointment or arriving more than 10 minutes late deems the appointment missed. No refund will be provided, and payment for future bookings is required in advance.


Refunds, where applicable, will be made to the original card. Processing may take up to 10 working days.

COVID-19 – Virtual Appointments

All appointments are conducted via video call. Preferred contact methods must be confirmed in advance.

Prescribing and Prescriptions

Prescriptions are at the psychiatrist's discretion. Repeat prescriptions outside appointments incur charges. Controlled medications are sent via Royal Mail; Health Choices Global is not liable for delivery issues.

Assessment Letters

Assessment letters are provided within 3 weeks of the initial assessment. Letters for follow-up appointments are at the psychiatrist's discretion and may incur charges.


By booking, you confirm the accuracy of provided information. Practitioners are directly liable for your care. Health Choices Global may contact you regarding your care or appointments.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Inappropriate behaviors (swearing, threats, intoxication, abuse, advances) are not tolerated. Health Choices Global reserves the right to terminate appointments.

Your Personal Data

Health Choices Global collects and processes personal data for service provision, payments, analytics, and communication. Data is kept for at least 8 years. Health Choices Global does not share personal information with third parties for marketing.

Force Majeure

Either party is not liable for obligations due to unforeseeable events. The non-performing party must prove reasonable steps to minimize delay or damages.

Emergency Services Disclaimer

Health Choices Global does not provide emergency services. In emergencies, contact 111 or Samaritans on 116 123.

For further information, contact us through our contacts page.

Health Choices Global Limited is a registered company in England and Wales under company number 10941962, trading as ORO Mental Health.

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