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Our specialized Children, Young People, and Family Services at ORO Mental Health provide thorough clinical assessments conducted by experienced Clinical Psychologists. A standard mental health assessment, lasting 90 minutes, offers a comprehensive psychological understanding of the child or young person. This information is then documented for parents and authorized individuals, shedding light on the psychological perspective of the situation.

Understanding Through Psychological Formulations: Psychological formulations, whether simple or complex, help elucidate various aspects of mental health challenges. For instance, during a panic attack, a child's misinterpretation of bodily sensations can be addressed through a formulation, clarifying that symptoms like lightheadedness or nausea are acute manifestations of anxiety and not indicative of impending harm.

Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services: For those seeking assessments or support for neurodevelopmental conditions like autism, ADHD, or intellectual disabilities, our Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services offer specialized care. Recognizing the organic differences in brain development, our expert team provides tailored services with expertise in this domain.

One-to-One Therapy: Our services include one-to-one therapy utilizing various approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapy, and Systemic Therapy. Tailoring our methods to the preferences of young individuals and their families, we address issues such as panic attacks, low mood, stress, self-harm, eating problems, and more.

Family Therapy: Family therapy involves collaborative sessions with all family members simultaneously. It shifts focus from an individual's problem to family dynamics, exploring how issues may be interconnected. This holistic approach is effective in addressing challenges influenced by family dynamics.

Bespoke Treatment Options: Our services offer a bespoke approach to families. Following assessments, treatment options are discussed, and clinical teams may conduct home visits for effective, real-life interventions. This approach has shown success in addressing behavioral difficulties, including school refusal, OCD, and psychological and neurodevelopmental issues.

What to Expect:

One-to-One Therapy with an Individual Child: Prioritizing a friendly and safe relationship, our psychologists aim to establish rapport before addressing specific problems. Tailoring the approach based on the child's preferences, therapy can involve creative or technical methods, ensuring a comfortable and effective process.

Family Therapy: Recognizing that no single person is to blame for difficulties, family therapy involves all immediate family members. It views the identified patient as a symptom rather than the problem itself, addressing family dynamics and their impact on individual challenges.

Work with Parents: When working directly with a young person isn't feasible, working with parents allows indirect support. This may involve setting up behavioral management plans or assisting parents in responding to their child's emotional needs.

Work With Schools: After developing a shared understanding of a child, information can be shared with other relevant parties, such as schools or healthcare providers. This ensures a consistent and informed approach to support the child.

    Initial Appointment and Confidentiality: To initiate the process, an assessment with an experienced Clinical Psychologist is recommended. The 90-minute session gathers information about the issue and the individual's history. Confidentiality is a crucial aspect, with young people assured that information is shared collaboratively and with respect for their preferences, maintaining trust in the therapeutic relationship. Confidentiality is upheld, except in cases where a young person is at risk to themselves, requiring standard procedures for duty of care.

    At ORO Mental Health, we are dedicated to providing specialized and compassionate care to children, young people, and families, ensuring a supportive environment for mental well-being.

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