Right To Choose

Right to Choose

The right-to-choose scheme can be complex, and we understand that there may be questions about eligibility and selecting the right provider for your needs. This section of our website aims to provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

While we are not currently part of the Framework, we are actively bidding through the designated channels. We offer private consultations, and if our services are not suitable for you, we will direct you to your GP and the Right to Choose program.

We do not provide this service yet,  but we will do and can add you to the waiting list. This page aims to provide information. 

What is NHS's Right to Choose?

NHS waiting lists for assessments related to autism or ADHD can often be lengthy, leading many individuals on these lists to explore alternative options. Some may consider private assessments, while others exercise their right to choose.

The Right to Choose grants you the legal right to select the service or hospital that will provide your physical and mental health care. This means that when your GP refers you for mental health treatment, in most cases, you have the freedom to choose the provider that best fits your needs.

You can choose the consultant-led team responsible for your treatment, as long as the requested team or individual is located in England and fully qualified to provide the required treatment.

Who is Eligible for the Right to Choose?

If your GP surgery is registered in England and you have been referred by your GP to a mental health consultant or specialist, you have the legal right to choose your mental health service provider.

However, you do not have the right to choose if:

  • Emergency treatment is required
  • You are currently serving a prison sentence or are on temporary release
  • You are detained in prescribed accommodation
  • You serve in the armed forces
  • You have already received care and treatment for the condition
  • You are detained in a secure hospital environment
  • You are detained in a hospital under the Mental Health Act of 1983


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