Support for children living with Domestic Violence


Domestic violence and abuse does affect children and young people leaving them feeling confused, angry, powerless, guilty, afraid, sad and lonely.

If you need to find professional help to support a child coping with domestic violence and abuse, we will be able to help you. Our team of highly experienced paediatric specialists will be able to support the children and help the whole family to cope with the situation.

Call Caroline now on to talk in confidence about your situation and arrange a private consultation with one of our team.

Benefits of counselling and talking to children about domestic violence and abuse

Research has shown that children and teenagers living with domestic abuse and violence can have very different reactions to the situation. They create their own views and coping strategies to manage the situation – sometimes resorting to drugs and alcohol and self-harm.
By providing counselling and therapy for a child who is living with domestic violence and abuse it will help the child feel safer, learn that violence is not their fault, learn that violence is not the best way to resolve problems, helps them to feel care for and understood, helps them feel that someone listens to them and that it is ok to talk about feelings.
By denying the situation it makes children believe that violence is normal, blame themselves for the situation, feel lonely, confused and isolated.

Help for children living with domestic violence and abuse

We have a paediatric team who have many years of experience in managing this type of situation.
We have Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists and Counsellors, Educational Psychologists and Family Therapists so we can help with a wide range of issues and complex problems.
We are able to support the child as well as the family to manage the situation. Our Educational Psychologists are all able to help with the situation has created problems at school – and work with the family and school to help support the child.
If you would like a private consultation, please call us on and we can quickly arrange an appointment for you.


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