Support for Children of Parents with a Mental Health Illness


We understand if a parent is suffering from mental health problems it can be devastating for the child and family involved. If you are the child of a parent who has an emotional or mental health problem or know of a child or teenager whose parent is suffering or you are affected in any way by this sort of problem, we will be able to help.

As difficult as this is for a child it is important to seek support and help as we know sometimes the impact that it can have on them both emotional and physically. We understand that the child may not want to upset their parent and may have hidden this issue for many years. But it is important to seek help and support for both the parent and the child as well as considering the impact on the family.

How can we help children with parents with mental health problems?

Mental health issues are complex and managing the situation can be difficult for all involved. We have a team of experienced and caring clinicians who understand all the issues and will be able to help and advice you.
We are a private clinic offering help with a wide range of emotional and mental health problems. Our multi-disciplinary team includes Child and Adult Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists as well as specialist Family Therapists. By working in a team, they will be able to create the right solution and treatment plan for you and the family.

By calling us on we can discuss your situation in complete confidence and arrange a private appointment with one of our team.


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