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Recruitment Opportunities at Health Choices Global

Welcome to Health Choices Global, a leading provider of mental health services for individuals and families across their lifespan. Since our establishment in 2017, we have experienced significant growth and development, solidifying our position in the field. As we continue to expand, we are seeking talented individuals to join our ever-growing team.

At Health Choices Global, we are committed to delivering exceptional care and support to our patients. We prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in mental health treatment, ensuring that our staff are well-trained and supported. As a result, we have established a strong reputation for providing safe, effective, and high-quality care.

Our organization is privately funded with long-term growth plans, providing financial stability and a solid business plan. Moreover, our registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) attests to our commitment to meeting the necessary standards in patient care.

We offer a range of support services to both new and existing staff, enabling them to focus on their clinical work while we handle various aspects of operations. Our support includes sales and marketing assistance, operational support, compliance and governance guidance, invoicing and payment management, as well as clinical team support.

For new patients, our dedicated team assists with the onboarding process, handling pre-assessment work, eligibility criteria checks, patient history, doctor and GP notes, safety and compliance measures, and report writing. We have a 24/7 contact center with trained staff members available to work with healthcare patients, ensuring continuous support. Our secretarial team, operating from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, assists with correspondence, letter and report writing, and ensures accurate documentation.

In collaboration with our recruitment partner, Athona, we strive to provide the best possible support and onboarding experience for our staff. Athona covers all aspects of our services and has played a crucial role in our team's growth. We also facilitate multidisciplinary meetings and support sessions for clinicians, fostering an environment for collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement.

At Health Choices Global, we offer flexible working arrangements, with the majority of our work being done remotely. We have access to over 200 sites and a head office located in Harley Street, London. You can enjoy flexible working hours from 7 am to 11 pm, seven days a week, and have the option to work from your home office while receiving IT and secretarial support.

We value your time and flexibility, and as you demonstrate commitment, the rewards will reflect your dedication. We are excited to meet passionate individuals and encourage you to consider joining our dynamic and ever-growing team.

If you are a talented and dedicated Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, medical professional, or experienced medical secretary based in the UK, and are capable of offering in-person or online services, we invite you to send us your CV. We welcome individuals interested in both part-time and full-time positions, and we are committed to accommodating various schedules and working patterns.

To explore exciting opportunities with us, please get in touch. We would be delighted to discuss how your specializations and experience could complement our growing team.

Our Recruitment Partners: Athona


Lewis O'Hara Executive Recruitment Consultant


T: 01277 286028 | F: 01277 217755


Psychology and Counseling

Nicola Pemberton Executive Recruitment Consultant


T: 01277 245955 | F: 01277 217755


Post Engagement Information

Welcome to Health Choices Global! We are thrilled that you have decided to join our team. Our trusted recruitment partners, Athona, will guide you through the compliance process, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. As a CQC registered organization, we prioritize adherence to all necessary requirements.

Once we have received all the required information, we will schedule your onboarding date. Our dedicated team will assist you in setting up your home office for remote work and provide access to our systems and teams across the UK. You will also be invited to participate in our multidisciplinary meetings and peer reviews, where you can actively contribute to our community and support our growth plans.

We are excited to have you on board and are committed to providing the support you need in your new role.

How we Onboard Patients

Here's a breakdown of how our system works:

Booking System and Pre-Assessment and Treatment Information

  1. Patients visit our website and create an account to access our services.
  2. Through our website, patients can book appointments and make payments.
  3. Available time slots are based on clinician availability and service type.
  4. Patients have the option to pay upfront or in installment payments.
  5. Patients receive automated email reminders and updates leading up to their appointment, providing necessary information to assist them.
  6. Patients are required to complete pre-assessment and treatment information, including a patient information form, GP notes, ID checks, and screening forms.
  7. Our trained contact center is available to answer any questions patients may have during the process.
  8. Once patients submit their completed forms, the records are automatically sent to the clinician and administrative personnel for review prior to the appointment.


Ensuring patient safety during treatment is of utmost importance. To achieve this, we require the following:


Before issuing any new medication prescriptions, we need GP notes. If a patient refuses to provide this information, we will discharge them back to their GP with a letter. Clinicians should share their personal identification number (PIN) with us to facilitate the delivery of the appropriate stationery for prescription writing.

ID Checks

During the appointment, we conduct ID checks and request patients to provide a photo ID in the Patient Information Form. To verify their identity, we ask questions related to their date of birth, postcode, and physical appearance.

Treatment Pathway

Administrative personnel validate and check forms to prepare for assessments. They may also assist consultants with assessments, reports, and scheduling future treatments.

Teams and Zoom

We utilize Microsoft Teams for internal calls and Zoom for patient calls, as it integrates seamlessly with our systems and offers easy access for all. Our team ensures there are no overlapping calls and can acquire additional licenses if needed.

Clinician Working Times and Chargable Times

If clinicians need to make changes to their working times, they should email mysec@medisec.org.uk and management@healthchoicesglobal.net. This allows both our contact center and central team to take appropriate action.

Patient Feedback Forms

After the assessment, automated feedback forms are sent to our inbox and allocated to the respective patient account.

For any questions or to reach out to our teams, please call us at 0333 3390115 or email management@healthchoicesglobal.net. Our contact center is available to support not only patients but also our staff, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are excited to work together and look forward to your valuable contributions.

Controlled Drugs and PIN Number

The process for clinicians to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) required for prescribing controlled drugs:

Step 1: Applying for a PIN

Begin by emailing your local office based on your region:

Step 2: PIN Application Form

Upon contact, they will provide you with a form to apply for the PIN number. The form includes instructions for completion.

Step 3: PIN Number and Private Prescriptions

You will receive a PIN number via email. Please share this number with us. Additionally, you will receive details regarding private prescriptions for controlled drugs.

Step 4: Receiving Private Prescriptions

We will send your private prescriptions via registered post to your home or the designated address.

Step 5: Prescription Logging and Documentation

All prescriptions must be logged, and photos should be taken and sent to management@healthchoicesglobal.net.

Step 6: Prescription Posting

After writing the prescription, please post it to the patient's assigned pharmacy using first-class signed post via Royal Mail.

If you have any further questions, please email management@healthchoicesglobal.net. Our management team will contact you to discuss your individual situation.

Feel free to reach out for additional information. We are here to support you throughout the process and look forward to working with you. Finally, use the link provided in the video to send us all the relevant information via a form. Click on our logo 

Patient Prescription Process and Form

Here are comprehensive instructions for managing prescriptions, including both general and controlled drugs. Although the processes for both types are similar, there are specific guidelines to follow.

Let's begin with general prescriptions:

  1. Discuss the available treatment options and potential side effects with the patient. Document this information for the patient's reference before prescribing.
  2. Request a prescription letter template by emailing management@healthchoicesglobal.net. Once you receive the template, fill it out with the prescription details and add your electronic signature.
  3. Save the document as a PDF and send it digitally to the patient and our operations team at management@healthchoicesglobal.net. Our team will handle the information appropriately and address any patient inquiries.

Now, let's move on to the process for controlled drugs:

  1. Similar to general prescriptions, discuss the available treatment options and potential side effects with the patient. Document this information for the patient's reference.
  2. As a clinician with a PIN number, our team will provide you with secure hold prescriptions. Complete the prescription on the provided pad, including all necessary information and your signature.
  3. The Patient Information form will indicate the patient's chosen pharmacist. Place the prescription in an envelope, addressing it to the pharmacist and including all relevant details. Ensure to scan or take an image of the prescription for record-keeping purposes and send it to our operations team.
  4. Send the prescription via registered next day post using Royal Mail. You can either book the collection online from your home or take it to the post office.
  5. After posting, retain the tracking receipt and share it with our team.

Finally, use the provided link in the video to submit all relevant information via a form, accessible by clicking our logo.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team through the chat feature on our website, phone at 0333 3390115, or email at management@healthchoicesglobal.net. We are always available to assist and support you, and we value our ongoing partnership.

Payments for Clinicians

Thank you for partnering with Health Choices Global. We would like to guide you through our automated payment process, which ensures that clinicians and staff receive payment 30 days after completing an assessment or treatment. To facilitate payment, please complete the bank details form available on our website. Payments will be directly deposited into your account. Each month, a payment statement will be issued, which you need to match with an invoice unless you have any questions or concerns. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at management@healthchoicesglobal.net, and our accounting team will assist you.

Clinicians receive payment based on completing reports and ensuring patient satisfaction.

Bank details: 

Consultation report for payment.


Health Choices Global is a global organization that operates under the name ORO, which serves as our brand specializing in mental health.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team through the chat feature on our website, phone at 0333 3390115, or email at management@healthchoicesglobal.net. Our team is always available to assist and support you. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the future.

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